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Happy Canada Day! I say it often; everything is a matter of balance in life! The important in achieving good life habits is consistency, as well as not falling into extremes. That being said, special events (parties, dinners at restaurants, holidays, etc.) are part of our daily lives; there is absolutely nothing wrong with being tempted from time to time by our favorite dessert! On the other hand, it's also not the occasion to drop all of our good habits for several days by abusing the good things!

So here are some tips to enjoy a little guilty pleasure on occasion without messing up your good eating habits.

- Take moderate portions

- Take small bites and eat slowly

- Drink a lot of water

- Don't feel guilty of wandering away from your usual food plan

- Continue your workouts and physical activity as usual

- Resume good eating habits from the next meal

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If your habits are optimized at least 80% of the time, don't be afraid to eat an extra piece of bacon or a little chocolate here and there! Keeping in mind the previous points, of course!

Coach Claudia