Consider the following situation: you have been in the office for 2 hours, you start daydreaming, your productivity decreases from minute to minute, you find yourself surfing your cellphone without any specific goal in mind, you reread the same sentence of your report for the fifth time without adding anything to it, you focus your attention on the gossip of your neighbor's office instead of on your work ... Sounds familiar?


If only we were able to stay focused on the task at hand - we would greatly optimize our work! Indeed, the more we concentrate, the more our productivity is increased, the better the quality of our work and the more we achieve our goals easily. But how? Here are 3 little tricks to allow you to facilitate your concentration at work:



Practice makes perfect! Practice focusing on a specific object for a specified period of time. For example, focus your eyes and thoughts on the flame of a candle for 3 minutes while trying to keep your concentration towards it throughout the exercise. You can also do the same principle during your working hours directly by fixing the tip of a pen, for example.



When you feel that your concentration is derailed and you have difficulty turning your attention back to your work, take a few minutes to take a few breaths by inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling quietly through your mouth. The incoming air should cause the lungs and diaphragm to expand and not the shoulders to raise or the upper rib cage to get tensed. Your thoughts should be turned to the rhythm of your breathing and nothing else.


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For those of you who love music, this is an easy option to consider! Choose a style of music that will bring you into a state of mind related to the task you need to accomplish; on the other hand, if the music distracts you during your work, take a moment to just listen to a song and focus on its melody and lyrics before returning to your task.

By improving your concentration, your work performance will also be improved and your productivity will be optimized.

Enjoy these few tricks!
Coach Claudia