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The Best Spa-Detox Experience Ever!

Please believe me when I tell you, I was stunned by the sheer decadence and flawless attention to every possible detail encapsulated by my latest thermal therapy experience at one of the many specialized "Thermal Therapy" Health Spas that dominate the luxurious landscapes in and around Montreal, and for that matter, throughout the whole province of Quebec.

Therefore, I hope you can appreciate the fact that I was overwhelmed, due to my inability to find any valid criticism relating to my hawk-eye inspection of one of the newest Health Spa facilities located only a mere 30 minutes from either downtown Montreal or the Airport. In all honesty, I can openly declare and assure you that you can actually believe that it is humanly possible to “Indulge In Heaven On Earth.” 

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9:30 AM: In cognito, I presented myself at the reception area to be greeted by one of three smiling and cheerful attendants. First, I was taken aback by the grandeur of the open air concept and the lavish marble scenery were to say the least, simply awe-inspiring.  It took no less than three minutes to be served and provided with a “digital bracelet” which entitled me with a pass key to what would prove to be unbridled freedom. This magical bracelet enabled me to choose any locker, among hundreds, permitting me to store my personal belongings with the utmost safety and security. Furthermore, the bracelet also permitted me to take full advantage of any and all of the Spa’s complimentary service offerings without the need of my wallet or credit card.

In other words, if anyone so desires to indulge themselves into being treated to enjoy a well-deserved massage, manicure, pedicure, beauty or rejuvenation therapy and/or treatment, everything is digitally recorded with the bracelet. Oh! Did I mention, it also provides guests with the privilege of savouring the tantalizing and health-wise delicacies offered at the Spa’s incredible bistro.

Finally, upon entry to the spa’s second floor locker room entrance, I was presented with a complimentary plush, 100% cotton bathrobe and towel, dispelling the need for any additional charges. Very classy!

9:45 AM: I am a seasoned connoisseur of how to fully profit from all the health and wellness benefits and rewards associated with a carefully structured spa experience. This expertise was developed and cultivated after co-founding and governing the Polar Bear Spa in the early 90’s; one of the original arctic spas offering Thermal Therapy activities in all of North America.

Therefore, from experience, I was ecstatic to discover the presence of a freezer, filled with snow and ice, reportedly to be the only one in Canada, available free of charge. It is conveniently located next to the main sauna on the second floor.

Oh, by the way, that's Frosty in the header image, the Spa mascot.

Strictly from a personal health enhancement perspective, entering the snow-ice room, which is kept at a chilly -20 degrees, obliges your body to go into overdrive, forcing your internal thermostat to increase blood circulation in order to re-establish your physique’s core temperature. This is an extremely good thing - regardless of the temporary physical discomfort. This mild discomfort constitutes a physical phenomenon, which in fact, significantly boosts your brain power by significantly boosting oxygen-rich blood flow.

Immediately following 10 minutes of these combined physical and mental challenges, effortless challenges I may add, I immediately entered the “huge” sauna. Once again, I was mesmerized and immediately fell into a hypnotic trance.

The vast majority of both home and conventional commercial saunas do not produce the required temperatures in order to stimulate optimal health benefits. In most cases, they provide limited, short-term and superficial comfort. Therefore, imagine my delight when I discovered that there was not one, not two, but four heating stations inside the sauna, enabling the temperature to soar and generate an ambient interior temperature over 160 degrees. I love pleasant surprises. More so when I know for a fact that they force my physique to secrete toxins and impurities out of all my organs, contributing immensely to better health.

If that wasn’t enough to excite the hardiest of Thermal Therapy enthusiasts, the outer linings of the heating stations are ingeniously designed with built-in water dispersal features which transforms the customary intense “dry” heat, a major flaw with most all saunas, and instead infuses the "Finnish" style sauna with a curative moisture-rich oxygen mixture, which directly serves to bolster the excretion and the elimination of toxins from lungs and accompanying vital organs. From the perspective of an effortless and unbiased health and well-being feature, it simply does not get better than that.

After a long and grueling 15 minutes, heatedly disposing most all of the environmentally infused poisons and toxins out of my system, I take but only a few steps and escape the intense heat and plunge into the curative sensations of the crashing flow of an ice cold waterfall, intentionally immersing my body and mind into a state of suspended animation. Nirvana!

Extreme caution concerning the length of time you should spend in the sauna (thermal- therapy) before you indulge in the sensations of the waterfalls (hydro or aqua-therapy). Finally, beginners should force themselves to resist the temptations of exiting the sauna in under a minimum 10 minute time-span. This is an important feature in order to maximize the health-related benefits of the Thermo-Therapy treatment.

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10:00 AM: I suggest most guests, in particular if you are unfit or overweight, simply take the time to rest and recuperate following the waterfalls. However, if you are "really" in relatively good physical condition, as I, believe it or not, revisiting the snow-ice room again, for at least another 5-10 minutes serves to further extend the euphoria. Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to die from hypothermia!

Not only are you not going to die from hypothermia, the whole concept of an alternating thermal-aqua therapy is to force your body to adapt and perform to its optimal capacity, without the use of physical effort. Your body actually enters into a state default, where it overrides logic, which is erroneous by nature, even more so in this particular circumstance. This seemingly illogical pretense actually empowers the brain with intense and a much needed heightened oxygen-rich blood flow, repairing and  replacing damaged or inactive constituents.

Although, for most people, this may sound illogical, but by objectively increasing and decreasing the external temperatures your body is exposed to, alternatively, the aqua-thermal environmental variances serve to instantaneously wash away all of your stress, anxieties and problems. The simply disappear, miraculously. Thermal Therapy, done right, simply hijacks your brain’s sub-consciousness to re-establish your core operating temperature. Nothing else matters!

10:15 AM: There are over a hundred rest and repose stations to choose from. I chose a body-length lounge sofa next to the waterfalls; remember, for your convenience,  most thermal therapy spa locations feature multiple waterfall locations. The incessant sounds of the waterfalls accentuate the rewards and benefits of the aqua-thermal therapy experience.

You have just managed to unburden yourself, in many cases, countless years of counter-productive and disparaging preventable stress and anxiety. I cannot think of a better way to prolong this sensational journey of joy and bliss; your brain flooded with the sounds of nothing more than the powerful thrust of a boisterous waterfall.

10:45 AM: Within a relatively short time span, I have managed to produce a state of physical, mental, and spiritual enchantment. Words cannot, in all justice, describe how good I felt. In my opinion, there is simply no other manner in which to instill total personal peace, balance and harmony; all without effort.

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11:45 AM: Awakening from an unscheduled nap on the second floor terrace, unintentionally soaking up vitamin D enriched rays from the sun, I venture to once again indulge myself inside one of the two available steam rooms, commonly known as Turkish baths. Once again, the discriminating good taste and careful attention to detail regarding the perfect thermal therapy condition reveal nothing but the best.

The  grandeur, with room for at least 30 guests, the carefully crafted décor and subliminal lighting, perfected by a sweatty “steam room” temperature and environment, can only be described as unadulterated pleasure.  Once again, the extreme heat and moisture serve to thin out the blood, increasing its ability to flow freely throughout the body’s circulatory system, provoking the rejection of ingrained toxicity. Whatever the first round of the aqua-thermal treatments didn’t flush out, I can assure you, this 15 minute steam room "hack" effectively disposed of any lingering toxins.

Immediately exiting the steam bath, waterfall cleansing to help seal and tighten up the pores of the skin, I am confronted with the prospect of another bout of rest and relaxation. I have to confess, although I earlier declared I could not feel better, I now come to the realization that second time around, does indeed feel better.

I then seek out and float towards the refuge of an aromatherapy rest area, where total silence is the norm, and the subtle scent of eucalyptus sweetens the air. Silence and solace fill my being, effectively replacing the customary conflicts associated with the ravages of both physical and tech toxicity. Furthermore, a self-imposed sensation of balance and order ensues with a giant dose of overwhelming wellness.

1:15 PM:  Awakening once again from another unscheduled cerebral “pit stop,” I quickly realize that I am late for an important appointment. Oh well! Back to life, back to reality.

There is, however, a small difference with huge implications. I now feel amazingly great, reinvigorated, recharged and raring to go.

The one, really inconsequential suggestion I can offer, that would have further enhanced my personal experience, is the intrusiveness of the sounds emitting from audio speakers in the sauna. Although peaceful and soft in nature, unfortunately, in my particular circumstance, they were a source of distraction.

I must impress upon you, the décor, the detail to hygiene and cleanliness, the extravagance relating to the care and comfort I experienced, were all but impeccable. Bravo to the employees and management of this exiting and outstanding Thermal Therapy Spa operator.

So there you have it men. A Thermal Therapy Spa experience is not about painting toe-nails, having your hair "done," or being pampered. A genuine Spa Thermal Therapy session is an absolute "must-do" for any curious or adventurous man. OK! Women too!

Do yourself an invaluable favor. Discover and benefit from a Thermal Therapy experience, providing immediate and long-lasting physical and mental well-being.

Roberto Fabris / Physique Intelligence

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