No bottom boat in Mallorca

As always, when you're doing any kind of traveling, adventure knocks on your door unexpected...

Today had been a pretty long day and we decided to go for a walk on land in order to discover our natural surroundings. We put some shoes in my backpack and took off in the dinghy. There had been a little water in it since I inflated it yesterday but nothing that looked out of the ordinary for a dinghy that age.. Halfway to the beach Emi notices that there is quite a lot of water inside the dinghy. I thought "well that's alright, we'll just have wet feet, that's why we brought along a small towel".. Except it was a little more serious than that!

Imagine a short movie with Laurel and Hardy on an inflatable boat, desperately trying to reach land before the boat sinks.. That was us! We were knee deep in water, but inside the boat... When we reached the beach, i was still wondering what the hell just happened!

Well, here it is...

img tyls

As you can see here, Raphyki (the dinghy) is now bottomless..

img tyls
img tyls

As we already had our gas tank stolen a couple years ago in Ibiza, we now secure it with a chain and lock.. Which key we obviously had left on the boat!

We asked a family passing by for a quick dinghy ride back to the boat in order to pick up the essentials : swimming suit, drybag, lock keys, etc...

We then put our minds in action and devised our best strategic solutions in order to get back to the boat safely with all crew and equipment alive and aboard.. Our final option was a caravan of dinghy parts with human propulsion.. It all worked flawlessly, we even actually had fun going back this way!

img tyls
img tyls
img tyls

Tomorrow I'll try to fix it with bi-composant glue and if I don't succeed, we'll have to go to Palma de Mallorca and buy a new dinghy. It would be a shame as I sold our (perfectly working) second dinghy not even a week ago for a more than reasonable price to a neigh-boater..

As they say, life is life!

All the best,

Olivier & Emi
SY/Ra Phoros