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Fitting Tribute To The Victims, Citizens, & The City of Lac-Megantic, Canada

Lac- Mégantic, Canada - Highlighting the church of St. Agnes, in Lac- Mégantic. The City is a finalist for a prestigious international contest, whose nominations come from all over the planet. The contest Darc Architectural Awards crown the best creations in the world in the field .

47 Innocent Victims Perished In The Catastrophe.

* Lac-Magantic, Que., Canada. July 6, 2013.  (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)  

Some facts and numbers on the July 6, 2013 rail disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Que.:

12:58 a.m. ET — The time when an unattended tanker train started rolling downhill from the village of Nantes toward Lac-Mégantic.

7 miles — The distance that the train travelled from Nantes to Lac-Mégantic, according to the Transportation Safety Board (TSB).

65 — The speed in mph the uncontrolled train was travelling before impact, according to the TSB.

1:15 a.m. ET — The time when the runaway train crashed into Lac-Mégantic and set off the first explosion.

72 — The number of oil-filled tanker cars on the ill-fated train.

63 — The number of oil-filled tanker cars that derailed, according to the TSB.

60 — The number of derailed tanker cars that released crude oil into the environment, according to the TSB.

5.98 million — The number of litres of volatile crude oil estimated to have been released into the soil, water and air.

5,932 — The number of people who lived in Lac-Mégantic in 2011, according to the census.

47 — The number of people killed in the catastrophe.

3 — The number of people each facing 47 charges of criminal negligence causing death (railway employees Thomas Harding, Richard Labrie and Jean Demaitre).

1 — The number of companies facing 47 charges of criminal negligence causing death (the insolvent Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway Ltd.)

*The Canadian Press

Amazing Video Highlighting The Restoration Of St. Agnes Church

The lighting of the St. Agnes Church is one of 25 finalists in the category of major projects. These 25 projects were implemented in 15 countries ( Australia, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Spain , USA , Finland, France , Great Britain , Iran, Israel , Taiwan, Turkey , Mexico).

For the full feature article in French, spotlighting the individual and collective efforts of contributors to the creation and completion of this most noble and inspiring initiative: Lac-Mégantic se distingue sur la scène internationale

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