A Simple & Effective Antidote

Attributes Of Personal/Professional Bias Reform

Cognitive bias is a genuine deficiency or limitation in our thinking — a flaw in personal judgment that arises from errors of memory, misperception, miscalculation and social attribution. No one is immune. We all suffer from this common, but counter-productive affliction. It is the major reason behind most personal, professional, and social prejudice; in fact, the quintessential “root of all evil.”

Since the dawn of humankind, all conflict, dis-accord and strife can be attributed to varying degrees of bias.

To make matters worse, every waking moment, we make countless decisions without realizing it. Social scientists describe this anomaly as "unconscious bias." The unconscious brain processes information by creating shortcuts and uses past knowledge and experiences to make assumptions. The validity of these assumptions are heavily tainted by both an individual’s natural and nurtured physical and mental characteristics, based upon both, inherited genes, and the subsequent exposure to environmental stimuli.

Therefore, it is not difficult to realize why gender, age, color, ethnicity, physical stature, and social strata actually determine how we see the world; and how the world sees us. To complicate matters further, local, regional, territorial, national and international geographical and political dynamics serve to bolster both cognitive and unconscious biases.

It gets worse. The proliferation of modern technology and the incessant broadcast and ingestion of data from countless media platforms serve indiscriminately to exasperate bias, directly propounding personal and collective instability and insecurity. Unfortunately, there is no feasible quick fix or readily available innovative solution that will remedy this omnipresent dilemma.

Unquestionably, bias can never be completely eliminated from the human psyche.

Fortunately, there may be one pragmatic course of action that can help manage this alarming predicament. The apparent solution is in the individual ability to simply identify and cast aside materialistic and self-serving bias. A simple and effective antidote, but as we are all aware, easier said than done! 

What do you believe the solution may be? I strongly urge and encourage any and all commentary.

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