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How To Feel Good Before Looking Good. Diet Versus Fitness?

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Physique Intelligence Provides Personal & Professional "Pragmatic" Performance Counseling

During our lifetime, the countless ways and numbers of times Mother Nature forces us to forge forward and evolve through countless trials and tribulations is omnipresent. Then, at the end of the journey, indiscriminately, she simply turns her back to us, permiting us to perish; provoking perpetual and profound controversy and reflection among those left behind.

Undeniably, Physical time transpires according to the laws of nature. Emotional time transpires according to the laws we subjectively create and engender; good, bad, ugly evil, and everything in between.

Accordingly, the path we subsequently choose to lead and follow, directly impacts both the quantity and quality of our journey along the way. 

Air | Water | Food

Habits and behavior are physical manifestations conjugated to manage our “Emotional Intelligence.” Poor personal management leads to the development of unhealthy, harmful habits and a host of deplorable behaviors. These include, but are not limited to, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, and increasingly, epidemic rates of tech toxicity. Dramatically reduce access, over-abuse or eliminate availability to any of these elements from the desires of a "needy" addict, there is a good chance needless and oftentimes unbearable pain, suffering and devastating tragedies consequently materialize.

The “great” news is that our physical composition requires only three simple ingredients: Air, Water, and Food, and incidentally in that particular order. The good news, for the many fortunate among us, readily available and in good supply.

However, dramatically decrease, abuse, or eliminate any one of these three “life-sustaining” activities and our state of mind will immediately develop a sense of panic and paranoia. Proper ingestion and assimilation of these essential ingredients are crucial to human survival, let alone well-being. In order for anyone to effectively juggle these three requisites, science requires us to rationalize reality; that is to say, adequately nourish our physical "needs" in order to grow and prosper, contrary to our mental or emotional" wants"that are subjectively distorted by misconception, and by both personal cognitive and unconscious bias.

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Weight Loss versus Fitness

Fortunately, it’s never too late to embrace real opportunities in order to help modify harmful behaviors, or as in too often the case, preventable illness and sickness. Historically, most of us fail to sustain the effort required to maintain a fit and healthy body, a core component in order to maintain effective weight management efforts. It is also important to distinguish the difference between weight management efforts and trying to adhere to a pre-fixed diet, or a weight-loss regime. Participants who want to live longer and healthier require clarity and direction concerning their personal “smartest” first step, based upon individual fitness levels.

This is precisely where the importance of securing and sustaining any activity that forces large volumes of air into the bottom of our lungs in order to nourish our brain with oxygen rich blood comes into play. There is no shorter path in order to secure a future journey filled with self-sustaining joy and well-being; free at last from the destructive and countless counter-productive consequences of repeated failure and defeat.

It is not difficult to understand, that it is exactly the air entering the body's chest cavity that fuels, repairs, and replenishes the brain, and enables it to rule; actually achieving and performing to its "almighty" and natural potential.

This new found potential restores value to our "being" and enhances our self-respect; Heightened blood flows entering the brain make us "feel good." REPEAT! REPEAT! REPEAT!

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What More Does Anyone “Really” Need?

Important: The obvious challenge, for far too many of us, remains “how to lose weight in order to be fit and healthy?”

The common denominator traditionally used to measure weight loss objectives is measured by counting the number of pounds we lose. This measurement standard is obsolete and grossly ineffective. Walk into any Fast-Food establishment or shopping mall and it becomes painfully obvious that this stratagem is not working.

Urgent: The smart question we must ask ourselves is “how to become fit first and remain fit second?” This paradigm shift or new perspective is required because, in order to lose weight and keep it off, scientific protocols require the “self” to convince the mind to comply within critical self-restraint and willpower guidelines.

How The Heck Can I Do That After Failing So Many Times Before?

The following is a guide that unveils the Intelligence of the "Physique." Physique Intelligence Before Emotional Intelligence

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