10 Truths About Life Everyone Forgets Too Soon

Sometimes you can hear something a thousand times in different ways before it finally gets through your head? 

These ten truths focus on life lessons that many of us likely learned yesterday or years ago, and for whatever reason, haven’t fully understood.

This is a permanent reminder to all of us on how to retain and make use of information we collect over time because life has a way of intruding the path to your goals.

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20 SEO Q&A For Digital Marketers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is process applied to improve your website visibility in search engine result pages and can increase your website revenue.

Today, businesses depend on online marketing to boost sales, as traditional marketing like flyers and brochures are no longer effective. So how do you find a job that can leverage your knowledge and help you build a career?

There are thousands of job openings in various companies for SEO Experts. If you want to join any of these well established companies as an expert, you must succeed during your SEO interview. There is one thing to remember, you have your own techniques...make sure to express them in your interview with clear explanations (Don't use SEO jargon, that your interviewer might not be verse with, instead show them how it's done.

With 8+ years of experience in Digital marketing and all things tech, here are the best questions and answers for your next SEO interview. Use this as a guide, as questions might be phrased differently. 



Outsource Marketing to Scale your SMB - 2017

Owning a business today needs a lot more effort than you would 10 years ago. Today, there is still traditional marketing used by brick and mortar stores but with other channels available, business owners need to divest their marketing to reach the right audience. This requires spending more or wasting their marketing budget with no traceable results on the marketing campaigns. 

Now, It is time to scale your business and you want to make sure you do it right. There are so many factors involved in scaling a business today.

The question is, What should you outsource in order to be efficient?

What should you delegate to professionals that you find difficult to handle in-house?

Where should you start searching for outsourcing options in your industry?

This are all valid questions.

While there is no perfect guide for scaling a small business, there are a few universal principles to follow if you want to be effective at scaling your business. Outsourcing will give a major role in your marketing and strategy efforts.

Lets take a look at some options!

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