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Press Release:  Eatizz

Fight food-waste with effective discounts !


Montreal 31/01/2017 - The never-ending consumerism we face in our developed societies pushes some to take responsibility. More and more citizens, organizations and companies are campaigning for responsible and sustainable consumption. In 2016, a technological feature was added to the long list of innovative solutions, with hope to put an end to the food-waste issue.

Eatizz launched its first beta version in February 2016, and has now recently released its latest version 3.0. The free smartphone application is fully operational and enhanced for iOS and Android. Eatizz already has more than 8,000 users and roughly over 100 business partnerships in the Montreal neighborhoods of Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mile-End, Little Italy, Rosemont and Verdun.

"We have worked hard to make the app very user-friendly for both consumers and business owners. The application’s interface is agile and intuitive with several appealing features. Our next move is to maximize the number of downloads and business partners in Montreal and through the rest of Quebec. We want our technology to have a real positive impact and become a powerful sustainable tool" says Eatizz’s Founding President William Steven.


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The way Eatizz works is simple : partnering businesses put up their discounted food products reaching their expiry date onto the app. This allows users to enjoy a wide variety of discounted products ranging from fruits and vegetables, to meat and fresh bread and finally chocolates and olive oil.

Businesses manage their own discounts, and in their own time via their secured spaces on the website. Consumers, have only to worry about activating their phone’s geo-locating setting and select the offers that are of interest. By customizing the app based on their address(es), product preferences and businesses, consumers can also receive real-time notifications based on their favorites.

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In addition to help fighting food-waste, Eatizz encourages people to consume close to their homes by making the most of bargains, often more interesting than those in big supermarkets. The traders themselves, easily manage their inventories and end up with less unsold products. At the end of the day, everyone wins : consumers, merchants, the neighborhood and the environment.

It is important for us to find innovating solutions for more sustainable foods because of the 1.3 billion tons of food which is wasted every year around the world, according to The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

By the end of January 2017, Eatizz was attributed the DUX award for “best players in the food chain in Quebec in the Communications / Mobile Application” category.

Source :          William STEVEN, Founding President


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