When it comes to social media, everyone wants to be a part of the action the .Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus are all highly active social media networks, but there are also many others to consider. Nowdays, everyone wants to gain social media recognition for their business. However, a strong social media presence takes a lot of work. But the payoff can be incredible, so growing your business through social media is very possible. First thing you shoul think about is that social media is here to stay. Your competitors are already using it to win over your customers, engage with their customers and to grow their business. If you have an active social media presence, remember to always stay ahead of the curve by learning and adapting to all the quick changes in social media. So, the question is still how you can use social media to market your business, especially if  you don’t want to spend hours every day doing it. This means that you want to know how often and when you need to be active on each platform and what kind of content you need to post so that your efforts are effective. Here are some great ways any business owner or marketer can use to increase their social media presence in order for their business to grow.


The first step in enlarging your social media presence is to identify your goals and objectives. This means make sure you know what you are going after before you start posting. Make sure you know how each platform works, what audiences you can reach where, and what your objectives are and you will be off to a great start. You must knjow that reaching everyone is just about impossible, yet many see social media as an opportunity to do just that, which is problematic. Instead of trying to reach out to everyone, social media provides an opportunity to reach the right audience. Finding the perfect people to engage with works wonders for businesses, and reaching out to a specific group is more manageable than ever thanks to unique mediums. Social media will continue to be the driving force for businesses that want to effectively interact with their customers in real-time. When a customer has a question or praise about your business, they will voice it on their social network of choice. Understanding what your audience needs will help you be able to interact with them on a more intimate level. Once you understand this, you can give the everything they want ,which means bringing them to your website to see what your business is all about. It is important to develop your identity. Social media is a great way to do so through a variety of ways, as well as remind your clients that you are human. Make sure that you are consistent in your output, but don’t be afraid to be creative. Next, provide your audience with value. If you’re thinking about what your audience can do for you, then you’re looking at social media the wrong way. What can you provide them with that is of benefit to them?  You need to spend some time developing a content strategy that works for your brand: articles, video tutorials, images etc. As well as creating original content, curating content created by others should also be a big part of your strategy. So, making a great impression on social media requires two things: visuals and text.Visit each social media profiles and make sure that avatars, cover photos, bio and profile info is up-to-date and complete. A completed profile shows professionalism, cohesive branding and a signal to visitors that you’re serious about engaging. Customers should feel proud about sharing your content and social profiles with their friends.

Source: Mashable / PR services Clearwater FL / PPG Web Solutions