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The Carnage & Destruction Must Stop

24 Hours Disconnected From The World. What Does It Matter?

Repulsed and outraged by the tragic events in Nice, and the relentless onslaught of senseless massacres and mayhem reeking unimaginable levels of panic and paranoia around the globe, I am heart-stricken and beyond bewilderment.

To complicate and make matters worse, I awaken this morning, only to discover that in my short 24 hour respite from all ties to the outside world, there has been a bloody and deadly botched military attempt to overthrow the legitimate Turkish government currently in power. In a related developing story, reportedly, more than a hundred people lay dead and upwards of a 1000 left injured in its aftermath. This is yet another poignant strike against any illusion of potential world peace and stability.

In light of the incredible technological and scientific strides developing around the globe to "supposedly" make our lives easier, safer and more secure, it appears that our emotional and mental health and well being cannot adequately cope with the impervious images of the never-ending death and mayhem that currently surround us; afflicting so many of our brothers and sisters.  

As  a result, as well as the vast majority of you, I am puzzled and disoriented as a simple, humble, kind and caring human being. The imposing question is simply why? Why are we unable to individually and collectively respect and appreciate each other, regardless of gender, color, age, and/or ethnicity? Why?



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Clara Tesolin Fabris

My mother, who passed away several years ago, after much suffering, eventually losing a long and degrading battle against dementia, repeatedly told me as I was growing up; "Roberto, there are good and bad people in all faiths and religions." In addition, she instructed me to support and encourage the good, and try to help and care for the bad and sick.

This article is in part to honor and pay tribute to her memory, everlasting wisdom, and genuine appreciation to humanity.

My Mom's words of wisdom have always been my guiding light, helping me to navigate through thick and thin, which I continue to nurture and cultivate to this very day. Therefore, I hope you can empathize with me, when I am confronted with the pain and suffering I incur when the forces of evil overtake common decency and indiscriminately disperse murderous hate and  horrific acts of terror and the destruction of innocent lives. I am certain, as are you, it just doesn't make any sense.

My solemn wish is simply to share, how I personally cope with this growing and omnipresent dilemma. The course of action I choose, and will never abandon, in order to alleviate the negative mind-set this mindless hate and violence invokes, is simply this. I invite and replenish myself on a daily basis with order and balance by calling upon the power of the "self!" This state of peace and harmony is achieved by cognitively forcing myself to stop, and to ingest large volumes of air in order to join and unite the innate wisdom contained within my brain and body. The body fuels and the brain rules.

Breathe & Believe

In order for any of you to be considered a self-respecting human being, enabled to override self-imposed limitations, necessary in order to dispel the physical and mental ravages most everyone is subjected to on a daily basis, relates directly from your counter-productive indecisions. This indecision exemplifies your inability to understand and decide upon selecting one of two critical choices. Succumb to the status quo, and stay the way you currently are, stuck in an impervious state of self-imposed sedation and inaction. Or, you can decide, once and for all, to stop wasting precious time and energy, suspending the incessant pursuit of cosmetic and materialistic wealth and meaningless gain; but if only for a moment, during the course of your day. 

The incessant pursuit of casting aside your health and well-being towards attempting to satiate your "wants," before you can secure and master what you in fact "need," unfortunately, life will continue to short-change your physical and mental well-being accordingly.

This is nothing new. Most all of the smartest and wisest personalities that currently bless and that have blessed the planet, past and present, professed and repeatedly continue to exalt one common theme, your individual birthright to seek out and secure 2 essential things.

These 2 essential possessions are of course, "A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body." No more, no less.

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Healthy Body - Healthy Brain - Healthy & Happy Life

Therefore, I suggest, based upon this eternal wisdom and backed up by the most recent scientific research and study, not to mention simple common sense, please, I beg of you, start to put aside a small portion of your precious time and energy towards exercising activities that are proven to make you feel good, both about yourself and about your "niche" in the world.

A smart and simple challenge, that will actually make a world of difference.

Honestly, it is actually a lot easier than you think?

Can you, in all honesty, actually think of anything more important?

Do you aspire to do what it takes in order to feel the very best you possibly can?

Undeniably, in order to actually accept the fact that without human physical well-being (health), and emotional well-being (true wealth), the “Happy” part of the equation cannot and will not materialize, and forever remain elusive? 

Healthy Body - Healthy Brain - Healthy & Happy Life

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Be Objective & Rational

The brain and body behavior adaptations required to embark upon an effective self-directed development initiative, whether in the form of vigorous deep-breathing or moderate exercise, without question, past, present and future, will forever remain a cognitive challenge. The incessant pursuit of this life-long challenge is what will make you feel good, simply because you are doing yourself good.

It is for this specific reason that I respectably reserved revealing the science behind the nonsensical adherence to the "defeatist" decision of surrendering to the path of least resistance, which is to say, the seemingly inescapable "choke hold" of the status quo. The extreme importance of battling against the "status quo" and the stagnant consequences therein, is the first challenge to overcome. I cannot emphasize the dire consequences of deciding to reject or ignore this advice.

Striving towards achieving this challenge has been, and will continue to be the single greatest obstacle to overcome. It currently restricts your ability to secure and enjoy a true sense of self-worth, and the many applauded accompanying benefits and rewards associated with doing something good for your body and brain. Feeling good on the inside has nothing to do about how you look on the outside, the clothes you wear, or other irrelevant toys and trinkets amassed over the span of your lifetime. This discourse has nothing to do with what you want; it is all about what you need to achieve in order to actually grow and flourish to your own desired level of potential. 

Be objective and rationalize. If you feel empty and worthless inside, regardless of how you look, not all the riches and treasures contained in the materialistic word will ever be able to make you feel good and well!

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Exactly Why You Don't Feel Good Inside

Therefore, you must accept the fact that physical activity refuels the body and replenishes the brain. In addition, without sustained participation towards your indelible right to exercise this single most important human activity, autonomic self-abuse or self-harm will continue to ensue and amplify.

This all too common condition of inactivity inhibit and prevent the essential brain-mind activities that actively serve to stimulate neuro-circuits, which in turn significantly increase the brain's neurotrophic levels, that subsequently serve to promote the repair and growth of neurons and the formation and strengthening of synapses

This is what any and all human beings need and must do in order to feel good.

The proper performance, synchronicity and healthy balance and of these basic, body-brain functions, ultimately form or defeat intrinsic human well-being.

There is one, and only one way to engage this "physique propelled" body-brain synthesis. Large amounts of air from sustained physical activity must enter and fill the lungs in order to expand the chest cavity (diaphragmic breathing). Next, the heart pumps this oxygen-rich blood to the brain in order to adequately refuel and replenish it. That' it, that's all!   

If the brain does not ingest and process enough oxygen-rich blood, subsequently, it does not function to its potential capacity. This is the indisputable science behind why the vast majority of you do not feel good!

It is exactly why so many of you don't feel good inside, believe it - or not! 

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Confront and Conquer The Ravages Of Fear & Evil

In conclusion, I am saddened by the fact the vast majority of you will disregard the practical and actual life-changing potency contained within this simple, scientifically-based guide. The real reason I haven chosen to invest my precious time and energy to share this eternal knowledge, is for those relatively few among you who will finally accept and actually act upon it, striving to employ and sustain its contents.

So there you have it. This is the manner in which I am able and fortunate enough to confront and cope with the ever growing ravages of personal despair, and how it helps me, somehow, sustain my hope and faith against the word-wide forces of hate and evil. I am of the sincere opinion, If it works for me, and the millions of other mindful and truly intrinsically healthy humans we share our planet with, I promise, it will work for you!

The Carnage & Destruction Must Stop.

You were born with and possess the power to do something about it! So, therefore, just do it!

Start with the self; continue within the community; spread across the world...


Still Don’t Believe Me?

Still don’t believe me? The following are references, derived from some of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed research centers in the world. They serve to clearly support the validity of my revelations:

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