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Providing Personal & Professional "Practical to Peak" Performance Counselling

Physique Intelligence provides the primer required for anyone to perform physically effortless activities proven to yield benefits in terms of lower chronic disease, reduction in neurological disorders, improved weight management, and significantly slower rates of aging.

Physique Intelligence doesn't just address mindfulness, meditation or cognitive breathing activity like most other proponents, but rather aims to ignite the primary individual involvement towards the adoption, engagement and adherence to cardio-respiratory endurance, strength and flexibility.

Human wellness and happiness grows and flourishes the moment this following undeniable fact is acknowledged and acted upon; that the "human mind, soul or spirit" is either refueled or retarded by how well an individual can actually treat and care for the condition of their own "physique."

The "One" Cause & Cure For Most Human Underachievement & Failure!

Body-Well | Brain-Well | Mind-Well

Stop and realize, most everyone, doctors, health-care professionals, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and each and every one us alike need not acquire more learning, knowledge or advice in order to experience human well-being; the constituents thereof appropriately described within the headline of this article.

C'mon! We all know what needs to be done to improve our own wellness. 

Not all the vitamins, supplements, pills or powders in the world can, or ever will help us achieve lasting wellness. Nor are there any miracle foods or the additional need for more good intentions and resolutions that can actually make us change the way we think or act. What most of us really need is to be empowered to engender the required behavioral modifications that will serve to help us improve and flourish physically and mentally.

Listen up; before anyone can actually achieve and sustain meaningful personal or professional self-improvements, please, realize that there exists one, and only one indispensable activity that needs to be commandeered and mastered.

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The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But!

Regular, moderate and cognitive adherence to any one of a wide variety of activities that permits the "physique" to ingest heightened volumes of air into the bottom half of our lungs in order to deliver oxygen-rich blood into our cranial cavity can no longer be considered as just an adjunct to self-improvement — it must become the"centerpiece;" la piece de resistance!

At the root of most human underachievement and failure are the conscious and unconscious biases and prejudices that we all possess; and unfortunately, with the passage of time, become erroneously conditioned to comply with. There is no way to deny that these biases, both true and false, are the result of our background, upbringing, education and life experiences. 

The sad and oftentimes destructive nature of these seemingly uncontrollable biases manifest themselves in the form of most all unhealthy human addictions, harmful substance and dietary abuses, explicit dysfunctions, and worse of all, mostpreventable and deadly diseases

So, there it is folks! Now, no one can honestly adhere to the unfounded belief, all too many of us seemingly harbor, that the ability to change is impossible. 

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New Beginning? Second Chance? Last Chance?

Everyone, fortunate enough to have been blessed with the opportunity to read and fully understand the contents of this article and ingest the valuable information it reveals, now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that yes, change is absolutely possible and in most cases critically important.

Furthermore, not only is change possible, but it is in many instances the determining factor, which differentiates the prospect of chronic illness or a life filled with joy and bliss. There are no shortages of ample examples of ordinary human beings defying the odds simply by "sticking to their guns," refusing to quit trying; regardless of the challenges and adversities confronting them.

Positive and constructive change is reserved for all those that are able to simply accept the fact that more often than not, unfounded and counter-productive biases influence our actions, or lack thereof, without us even realizing it.  

Therefore, it is safe to say, salvation from the perils of the status quo are hidden within the eternal wisdom of realizing "it" and actually doing something about it. 

So, the sooner we actually accept the aforementioned irrefutable fact and realize that there is no simple shortcut or miracle cure, and instead choose to invest the time and effort necessary to initiate the activity of simply ingesting adequate amounts of oxygen in order to replenish the body (physique) and brain (emotions), can or will any human being actually enjoy any of the many glorious benefits and rewards life offers to each and every one of us, freely!  

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Too Simple To Be True?

For all the non-believers, the following justly reveals the science behind my assertions. The condition of cardio-respiratory neglect, engenders a state of autonomic self-abuse or self-harm. This state of inactivity serves to inhibit and prevent the essential brain-mind activities which actively serve to stimulate the brain's neuro-circuits, significantly decreasing neurotrophic levels, that are necessary to promote the growth of neurons and the formation and strengthening of synapses

In other words, consequently, without sufficient and sustained oxygen ingestion, the conditions required for the perfect storm ultimately create a Body-Not-Well, a Brain-Not Well, and a Mind-Not-Well. NOT GOOD!

In conclusion, I will take advantage of this opportunity to share the following condensed formula for everlasting human health, happiness and well-being:

Nourish the body; with intense volumes of air.Nurture the brain; with intense volumes of oxygen-rich blood flows. Cultivate consciousness; with the blood - body - brain mindfulness bond. Reap the rewards; without the successive ability to achieve numbers 1,2,3, the ultimate privilege of being bestowed with our incontestable birthright to fully benefit from life's greatest and most valuable gifts will continue to remain forever unattainable!