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What is SpasDtox?

Please accept our most gracious invitation to personally experience the holistic benefits of effortless deep-breathing cleansing cures and therapies specifically designed to detoxify both body and brain. Our guests’ custom select health-wise activities from a variety of cures; such as meditation, alternating cycles of hot baths, saunas, and repeated exposure to refreshing “hydrotherapy” respites and repose.

In addition, if so desired, guests chose from a multitude of massage therapies ranging from “super/soft-relax” all the way to brutal tendon & muscle rub-downs and contortions (intended for the physique elite).

Thermal Therapy (Spa Dtox) provides guests to experience unique environments whereby the thermal recuperative and healing properties of water combined with profound cognitive breathing exercises entitle guests to decompress, relax, relieve the "self" from the "self," and reprieve beyond consciousness.  This extraordinary cure produces a highly acclaimed state of “default” or imposed neutrality; a modern-day rebirth if you may.

Thermal Therapy practitioners alternate hot and cold stimuli to elicit specific reactions from the body and the brain. Remarkably, the "self" is forced to relax, in a state of suspended animation. This forced closure of human neurological and physiological activity serves as a human reset mechanism. The accompanying wellness benefits are both immediate and intensely stimulating.

The following are but some of the scientifically documented benefits: skin and muscle regeneration; major organ cleansing and performance; greatly improved oxygen and blood flow, optimizing circulation to replenish, repose, and of course “detoxify.”

Cold is stimulating and causes superficial blood vessels to constrict, creating a heightened flow of blood to circulate and flow freely into and from all internal organs. In contrast, the opposing hot-water/vapor combination serve to expulse trapped toxins out of skin tissue, the body’s largest external organ.

Thus, simply by exposing the human body to alternating extremes of “hot and cold” stimulation, incidentally a ritual practiced for thousands of years, serves directly to wash and drain away internal conflicts. This recuperative "state of sensation" subsequently serves to boost “body and brain” inter-connectivity, significantly decreasing inflammation; the root cause of most preventable human physical pain and suffering.

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SpasDtox Environment

There is nothing quite like the sights, sounds and scents of nature to help you escape from everyday routines and the accompanying worries. The moment you enter into one of our exclusive Thermal Therapy environments, the encounters and exposure to our tranquil and natural habitats will mesmerize you. Enchanted by the simplicity and the "effortless" absorption of well-being, perpetuated by the serenity of the surroundings; fear; stress and anxiety quickly melt away and "miraculously" vanish.

Mainstream Massotherapy Disciplines:

Sports Massage

Single Massage

Prenatal Massage

Swedish Massage

Couples Massages

Deep Tissue Massage

Thermal Therapy health and well-being centers conform to the unwavering belief that sustainability is essential to encourage effective eco-friendly practices. All Spa Host Members must utilize state-of-art water-purification and water-recycling technologies and irrigation systems. These are just some of the ways we reinforce our core commitment to honor and respect the laws of Mother Nature; relentlessly and vigorously striving to ensure and protect her divine purity and the peaceful and beautiful balance she provides to each and every one of us daily.

SpasDtox | Water Quality

Thermal Therapy facilities feature High-Tech eco-quality control systems that authenticate the highest “hygiene standards;” regulate regular phyto-chemical quality control analysis (including pH and chlorine levels); automatically adjusting them 7/24.

In addition, qualified technicians then double-check relevant data against actual sample analysis anywhere from four to six times a day – twice the legal requirement.

Thermal Therapy | Silence Is Golden

By re-inventing silence, the body and mind gain an opportunity to collapse into a state of “default.” Silence is a precious, highly undervalued commodity and a superior source of strength and resilience required in the physical and mental renewal process.

Silence unlocks and resolves self-defeating habits buried far within the “self.” This is but one of the many benefits and rewards associated with the SpasDtox experience. By simply seizing a moment to stop, cognitively inviting and internalizing the profoundness of absolute silence, the body and mind miraculously re-calibrate, leading to a curative sense of wellness and balance.


SpasDtox to Default? Daily Challenges

No Tech | No Cosmetics | No Stress | No Anxiety

No Tech: Mandatory Life-Changing Withdrawal

There are only three decisions a human being ever need make at any given moment. However, in the modern context of heightened technological revolution and disruption, smart-phone abuse, personal and professional digital overload, distress, anxiety, and social media addictions – all too many individuals are simply no longer able to cope, resigned to the fact that they have degenerated into irreparable goods of their own design?

Thermal Therapy Recharge: What’s The Big Deal & Why Should I care?

4-yourself | 4-each other | 4-society | 4-the world

What Will Your Legacy Be?

What Is Your Final Decision?

All personal decisions ever made, or that will ever be made, for better or worse, manifest themselves based upon one of the last fore-mentioned alternatives.

Past, present and future, all human beings, either cognitively or subconsciously devise decisions in one form or another based upon one of these three contexts; accept, alter or abandon.

There simply are no other alternatives.

Please, for your own good and wellness, accept the fact that in most cases, unhealthy and unwanted behaviors need to be relieved; Thermal Therapy provides acute care and comfort collectively.

Unquestionably, the choices you finally choose concerning the above described three alternatives, accentuate or diminish the quality and outcome of each and every future individual decision taken, and by extension, each and every subsequent individual life experience.

These life experiences compile, culminating to mold and define each human actuality; albeit for the better or hopefully not for worse.

STOP! Think About That.

What do you want your next life experience to be?

More importantly, what do you really "need" your next life experience to be?

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SpasDtox, The Much "Needed" Next Step To "Rest" & For The "Rest" Of Your Life...