How do you reach the other side?

Picture the city as El Dorado. Your goal. Success. Fame. A powerful deadly stream of noise is in the way. Swim? Battle the power of water? 

Do you take a plunge?

The shortest way to your goal is straight ahead. That water looks delicious, doesn't it? A couple fishes jumping out catching bugs. You think you can do it, but the truth is... unless you're Poseidon, that stream of noise will kill you.

Find other ways?

Turn your head around, open your eyes, and realize there are other ways to get there. Somebody else has already build very expensive and safe ways to get there. Look far ahead on the horizon, there ARE ways.

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Do you go with the flow?

Buy all the expensive equipment, look like a pro, and do like the others... just faster, better, stronger. Pay attention, there is obviously a risk of driving around in circles, breathlessly.

Maybe a clunky old bike will do?

Why not? Why do you need to be like the others? Do like the others? Aren't there many ways that lead to Rome? Go on, explore, find new routes.

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What about roadblocks?

Be patient and wait? Maybe. Maybe not. But always remember, you have a choice. 

Maybe not too far away... you will find quieter waters

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” 
― Albert Einstein

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And one day, you'll find YOUR way

Off the beaten paths. Back to the roots. Things will make sense. You will breathe.

WAIT, no so fast ... wasn't the whole point to reach the CITY ?!!

It is, it was. But I don't have the answer to that question. Not yet anyway. I'm still exploring... and today, out there on my clunky bike, I barely realized something. I love nature. I like to live moments, and share them. And that is the very soul of our baby.


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